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Preparing for IVF / IUI / ICSI - Practically and Physically

ivf/iui/icsi male factor infertility Feb 19, 2024
Preparing for IVF / IUI / ICSI - Practically and Physically


Having been through four rounds of fertility treatment and two laparoscopies I have compiled a list of resources for you. While this one touches on preparing for IVF / IUI / ICSI - Practically and Physically preparing emotionally and energetically can be viewed here


Get yourself clued up to what exactly is involved. I recommend these Fertility Network UK factsheets and official medical websites for the basics and ask your hospital for as much information as possible as all hospitals seem to have slightly different protocol. Note that what someone on a forum is experiencing may not be your treatment plan/experience.  


Take one step at a time

Each stage of IVF should be celebrated as you “jump through the hoops” as my hubby says. Each injection is taking you one step closer on your family building journey. Be proud of yourself for completing each step. Also to be remembered if treatment does not succeed. Try not to view any treatment as a failure, there is much you can learn, obviously easier said than done. Practising Mindfulness and CBT can help with this.

Overcoming any fear of needles

This was a biggy for me and EFT tapping helped tremendously. You can learn how to do this technique here: EFT Tapping for Coping with Infertility and Enhancing Fertility and then come back to watch this video.

"The needles video was so helpful thank you. Before tapping I felt so anxious, scared and worried about them, wondering how on earth I was going cope with daily injections. After the video I felt much calmer and ready to take them on. I loved all the tips throughout the video too. I made sure I had a little treat after each one and handled them like a pro - I’m feeling so proud of myself for this!" - Poppy

The video above includes tapping statements such as:

“Even though I have a fear of needles I accept myself anyway.”

“Even though it is not fair that I have to do injections in order to get pregnant, I accept myself anyway.”

“Even though I absolutely hate injections, I deeply and completely love and accept myself.”

If you are interested in learning more about using EFT then come and join The Embrace Fertility Method  which includes full library of tap along EFT videos.


I experimented with using numbing cream on my belly before doing injections, you can buy this from your local chemist. It means you cannot feel the needle going in. The same can be achieved by an ice cube on your belly for 10 minutes. I recommend putting the ice cube in a sandwich bag so cold water does not run down your belly!

Get your partner involved

My husband prepared and did my injections for me. I felt happier knowing that he was in charge and I liked the fact that he was involved in the process. If you don't have a partner maybe ask a friend to support you physically or be there on the phone chatting to you.


Every evening after my injection I had dairy free chocolate ice cream as a reward. This was been so successful that when ever I thought ‘injection’ my mind thought ‘ice cream’! We would also watch an episode of one of our favourite comedies to get us laughing.


My down-regulation was injections first time round and sniffers the second (it depends on your hospital/clinic). I advise you have a glass of water ready following inhalation, oh and a piece of chocolate!


Assume and Affirm

Once you understand all the risks and success rates etc assume the best in a relaxed way, i.e. not demanding that it will work just being open to the possibility that it may work. This could be it! Again easier said than done, but I am a big fan of affirmations and find the following helped me:

“My body is responding perfectly to all medications.”

“My body loves these new hormones!”

“I am feeling strong, calm and confident.”

“Every day I am a step closer to meeting my baby.”

“I can do this! I am doing this!”

“This too shall pass.”

A warning note on affirmations/positive thinking, if you are stating an affirmation that makes you feel in any way anxious, upset or angry, then stop using it! For example stating “I am pregnant now” or “This IVF cycle will work” are unlikely to make you feel empowered if at the same time you are feeling anxious and desperate for it to work. Affirmations should make you feel excited, empowered and above all happy. A good starting point is:

“I wonder if I will get pregnant this cycle.”

Which opens you up to the possibility of it working and therefore can allow you to feel excited or:

“When I am pregnant I will feel…………”

Insert your own feelings and really revel in what that will feel like. 


Watch these fab animations to help you visualise the process of conception and implantation. Fertilisation Conception to birth Conception,

Egg Collection Packing list

Originally written for my laparoscopy but helpful for egg collection too. Packing list.

The two week wait

The IVF 2 week wait is often referred to as a rollercoaster ride of extreme highs and extreme lows, add in the queueing, extended waiting times, the nausea and the fact that you can quite possibly end up back exactly where you started and I think they have it spot on.

Can hypnosis increase success rates of IVF?

Yes it appears so. The Soroka medical Centre in Israel looked at the impact of hypnosis on 185 women undergoing IVF. It found that 28% of the women who had been hypnotised became pregnant compared to just 14% who had not. Check out my blog 'Can hypnosis get you pregnant?' and check out the Embrace Bundle which includes my popular hypnosis tracks. 

Support during IVF

Anxiety, overwhelm, anger, jealousy, depression and exhaustion. Just a few of the words my clients use to describe the repercussions of infertility.

Calm, understood, clarity, comfort, hopeful are used by the end of our sessions. I offer one-to-one fertility coaching and therapy Zoom so work with clients all over the globe. To find out more see 1 to 1 support.

"I am so glad I took this step to seek support from Naomi. The shift I’m already feeling in only 4 weeks is amazing. I look forward to how I feel at the end of 12 weeks. I would highly recommend seeking support if you feel like your mind is consumed with fertility struggles and you want to be the person you used to be. I feel like everyone even if you aren’t going through infertility should have this support in their life." - Yssie


"The first session was like magic. I couldn’t believe how quickly it helped me. Beforehand I just couldn’t stop thinking about infertility. Afterwards it receded a bit. It didn’t feel like the centre of the universe any more. I didn’t feel like bursting into tears all the time either. It was like a switch had been thrown in my mind. I almost felt absurd for how I had been feeling in the past." - Debbie

Visit coaching page



Disclaimer:  All information posted is purely to share personal experiences and to inspire. If you choose to make use of any of the information shared you agree to take full responsibility for your own well-being.  

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