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A miracle baby is not the only measure of success on this journey


I am so glad I took this step to seek support from Naomi. The shift I’m already feeling in only 4 weeks is amazing. I look forward to how I feel at the end of 12 weeks. I would highly recommend seeking support if you feel like your mind is consumed with fertility struggles and you want to be the person you used to be. I feel like everyone even if you aren’t going through infertility should have this support in their life.


The first session was like magic. I couldn’t believe how quickly it helped me.

Beforehand I just couldn’t stop thinking about infertility. Afterwards it receded a bit. It didn’t feel like the centre of the universe any more. 

I didn’t feel like bursting into tears all the time either. It was like a switch had been thrown in my mind. I almost felt absurd for how I had been feeling in the past.


Going into the session I felt worried, anxious and fearful about my current and next steps of my journey. 

Afterwards I felt relief in many ways but what was amazing was how much clarity came to me even after the session which truly reinforced the value of having that 1:1 time to dive deep into what I was currently going through.

Naomi makes you feel at home and is so easy to talk to which makes the session wonderful.


I was struggling with negativity and fear. The visualisation in our last session I felt helped calm some of my fears about the future and make them less scary. 

Naomi has held my hand through the emotional rollercoaster of fertility. Checking in on me and giving me tips and info along the way. Her resources really helped get me through my first IVF cycle and beyond.


The Embrace course is changing my the way I feel about myself.

Naomi is making me see myself the way the people I love see me.


For the first time since this long winded, Hunger Games style TTC journey started,  I feel like I have a therapist that gets it, that my problems aren't too big for her and she knows what to suggest.

The sessions were so helpful to have ahead of my embryo transfer. I was feeling increasingly on edge and had intrusive thoughts rearing their ugly head. Now I feel calmer and feel like I've gained more control of my thoughts and feelings. It is possible to reframe my thinking in a way that feels authentic, believable and helpful.


The best part of the session was the hypnosis where I communicated with my younger self, comforted her, and released her burden. Also then when we started to realise that maybe I try to make everyone happy because I feel pain and guilt when people around me feel pain. 


I think the Embrace course has come at just the time I most need it for helping with the emotional toll of what’s been a much longer journey to start a family than we hoped, and I’m enjoying learning new ways of seeing and thinking about things, and also being part of a community of others going through similar experiences.


We dove deep today into past traumas that are interconnected to my more present traumas, Naomi helped me even more to connect deeply and heal. To tend to myself and nurture my being, creating a healing atmosphere of safety and of liberation and acceptance. 


The Embrace Fertility Method has helped me feel more at peace with myself and the process of getting pregnant. It also helped me release limiting beliefs around getting pregnant. Our first IVF cycle was successful in week 6 of the course.


Naomi has a gift of being able to get to the heart of an issue and guide you to better voice it through tapping.

I feel more empowered to overcome my binge eating. That although this has been a habit, addiction, and coping mechanism, I can still feel whole and even better without it. 

I’m really glad I choose this subject even though it’s not directly linked to infertility, I feel less stuck in the same thinking patterns.


I’m enjoying everything about Embrace. I could shout about it from the rooftops! I enjoy watching/listening. It makes me feel less alone and like I’m talking to someone who really understands. I nod and smile as I’m listening.


I know I have only been doing the course for a couple of days but I am already feeling the benefit in that I feel a bit more positive about the future. 

I think just making time each evening to do something for myself is making me feel better and my insomnia has lifted this week as well after 2 very long weeks.


I found the course insightful and enable me to be vulnerable and acknowledge the issues about my infertility journey I have not been addressing. While there is a lot to explore on this course Naomi is great facilitator and I wish I had known about this course at the start of my infertility journey.


I found Embrace Fertility during the darkest days of my life; I had just had a biochemical pregnancy following my first IVF. I was devastated! I wasn’t coping – I was signed off work with depression, didn’t want to see my friends & family, couldn’t sleep, put on a ton of weight and cried every day.

Since joining, I have started to turn my life around. I have come to realise the benefits of positive, mindful thinking. It has encouraged me to make time & take time out for myself, it has taught me new techniques and coping strategies to help me along this bumpy roller coaster ride and it has opened up a new support network of truly inspiring, supportive and understanding people.

Thank you Naomi. I feel like I’m starting to get my life back and look forward to the future, as I now know that one day, somehow, I will be a yummy mindful mummy.


Naomi’s work is bespoke. It challenges and supports as well as surrounding you in a great big hug. I feel blessed to have found her at what has been one of the most challenging moments in my life. I feel emotionally well and balanced and connected to myself and my husband and our goals.


Okay so update, I am 7 days post transfer and 13 days post trigger shot. I couldn’t resist and tested 2 days ago which to my surprise came up as positive. I convinced myself that it was still the trigger and J told me to wait until today to test again. The test is a strong positive. I am in denial, but excited but cautious mixed with anxiety and hope. 


Before my session with Naomi, I felt really hopeless and overwhelmed with anxiety about IVF. Naomi helped me to organise the thoughts in my head to stop the endless cycle of worry and negativity about my upcoming IVF cycle. By the end of the session I felt calmer and hopeful about the future.


You helped me see even more today the things I need to release. Your support and understanding was so supportive and resourceful. I feel a weight lifting and a greater presence of ease, peace , freedom of being in myself. I feel like the practices are helping me trust again and heal myself for myself, my partner and future baby.


The work feels gentle and yet it is profoundly deep. It shifts things in my body as well as my mind and I love the changes that it brings. I feel more free and like I have opened up new possibilities for my future.


Everything Naomi says is so relatable!  She's really quick to point out the root of my issues and is able to articulate how I'm feeling better than I can.  I feel incredibly supported and its so comforting to know what she's gone through something similar so I feel like she's best positioned to help work through similar negative feelings about trying to get pregnant.


I would have never have got this far without the support from the online group, and the techniques and tools I learnt on the Embrace course. Every time I see a pregnant woman I think “yes please!” No longer do I sob for hours thinking ‘why can’t it be me’, instead I feel warm and happy to know that although my journey is longer than theirs, I will be a better, more balanced person, and a better mother for it.

I’ve been there

I’m Naomi Woolfson, a cognitive hypnotherapist and coach specialising in fertility, birth and parenting following infertility.

The techniques I share and teach are the ones that transformed not only the way I was approaching trying for a baby, but every other area of my life too.

Learning mindbody techniques allowed me to regain my strength and happiness BEFORE I fell pregnant. I conceived on our final round of IVF three and a half years into trying for a baby but then miscarried and instead of plummeting into depression I felt hopeful and expectant for the future.

Three months later I conceived my son naturally and 23 months later I conceived my daughter, again naturally and on the first try!

I’m so excited to be able to share this with you.

Let me support you too

The Embrace Fertility Method