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FREE - Thrive with Embrace Fertility

Mind-Body Fertility video series 

A deep dive into the science backed mind-body techniques to emotionally and energetically thrive while trying to conceive.

Even if you feel overwhelmed and are on plan G of your trying to get pregnant plan. 


You feel like you’re on an emotional rollercoaster

Let’s just say it, trying to get pregnant and not getting pregnant totally sucks.

It completely messes with your head

and your heart, and your body

and your work, and your relationships. 

No area of your life is left untouched.

A different way

Imagine knowing how to calm your body in the moment to bring instant relief.

Imagine understanding the power of the mind-body link and how to utilise it to double your changes of pregnancy success.

Imagine feeling like yourself again even in the midst of treatment.

Imagine having a strong plan of how to support yourself over the coming weeks.

3 x 30 Minute Videos


ūüĆą¬†Video 1 : Coping and Comfort¬†

Stress reduction techniques that work in an instant to soothe the mind and body allowing you to feel calm and confident.


ūüĆą¬†Video¬†2¬†: Connection and Clearing¬†

Uncover and clear the thoughts, emotions and beliefs that are not serving you while trying to conceive.


ūüĆą¬†Video 3: Creating¬†

Powerful science-backed visualisation method to align your conscious and unconscious minds for success.

"After watching the first two videos I realise how much chronic stress I’ve been putting myself under.

The way you describe the feelings and behaviour infertility is exactly how I have been and for that long I haven’t realised actually withdrawn I have become.

I have found these videos making so much sense and I’m excited to change my way of thinking.

I’m grateful for finding you. I’m grateful for starting this programme."

- Nicole

"Thanks so much that was really freeing and interesting!"

- Samantha


"Thank you for doing this Naomi! It was a relaxing visualisation experience ūüôā"

- Jess


"That‚Äôs really quite powerful ‚̧"

- Tally

I've been there....

I'm Naomi Woolfson, a mind-body therapist and coach specialising in fertility.

The techniques I share and teach are the ones that transformed not only the way I was approaching trying for a baby, but every other area of my life.

Learning mind-body techniques allowed me to regain my strength and happiness BEFORE I fell pregnant. I conceived on our final round of IVF three and a half years into trying for a baby but then miscarried and instead of plummeting into depression I felt hopeful and expectant for the future.

Three months later I conceived my son naturally and 23 months later I conceived my daughter, again naturally and on the first try!

I support women across the globe through one to one therapy and The Embrace Fertility Method a 12 week group coaching programme.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a live event?

No this is a video series taken from a live event I ran in March. You can watch at your own pace and learn techniques to thrive on your journey to parenthood.


Can I ask questions? 

Yes email me or message me on Instagram with any and all questions about the techniques.

What if I want more support?

At the end of video three I'll share information about The Embrace Fertility Method and one to one therapy.

FREE - Thrive with Embrace Fertility

Mind-Body Fertility video series