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One to One Therapy & Coaching

What do you want more of in your life?

Clarity? Confidence? Feeling content and calm? 

I can support you to create lasting change.

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‚ÄúThe sessions were tailored to me individually in a safe and supportive way. I felt rejuvenated, very peaceful and with a sense of achievement. Thanks a million.‚Ä̬†


How can I help?

95% of our brain's activity is unconscious, we get up in the morning and get ourselves washed and dressed without having to consciously decide how we are going to put our socks on for example. We learn how the world works and store that information to free up our mind for more important tasks.

Many problems we experience are just the result of unconscious thought processes based on miscalculations, which lead to actions designed to bring a benefit, even though they do not. I can help you to reprogram your unconscious so you remain in control of your thoughts and actions instead of being hijacked into running away from spiders, feeling overwhelmed by the stresses of life, comfort eating when you want to lose weight or any other limiting action.

One-to-one sessions give you a safe space to a voice how you are feeling. Each of us is unique and how you are personally experiencing an issue and what you would like to achieve from our sessions will command the path we take in terms of therapy.


‚ÄúI was having¬†uncontrollable feelings of anxiety at different points in the day, every day¬†and I couldn‚Äôt figure out what was causing them. Sleep wasn‚Äôt good and I felt like I was in a bad cycle and trying out lots of things to help but¬†nothing was getting to the crux of the issue.¬†I felt a shift during the session, not only emotionally but also physically!¬†I had a huge release of tension that I had been carrying in my hips and belly for years. I felt like jelly!¬†The shifts in thinking were also remarkable, so much more positive and happy in myself.¬†I feel transformed,¬†much more like the old me and more resilient. I felt safe to open up and also not pushed to say anything I wasn‚Äôt comfortable in saying.¬†Looking back the anxiety I was experiencing was really debilitating and I didn‚Äôt really realise how much anxiety I was experiencing on a daily basis until it had gone.‚Ä̬†


Areas of support


"Naomi has a gift of being able to get to the heart of an issue and guide you to better voice it through tapping.

I feel more empowered to overcome my binge eating. That although this has been a habit, addiction, and coping mechanism, I can still feel whole and even better without it. 

I’m really glad I choose this subject (to work on) I feel less stuck in the same thinking patterns."

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"Naomi is the first therapist I've worked with that I don't feel self conscious with (and I've tried a few). Her warm down-to-earth style put me at ease very quickly. Though we cover challenging things in our sessions there's always a great sense of care and there's also space for laughter too. The mix of different types of tools is great too as it feels like there are options if one isn't quite working, we can try something else. Naomi knows and understands so much about challenges and it is such a relief to talk to someone who really gets it and can help!"

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We’ll get crystal clear on what you are struggling with at the moment, how you would prefer to be feeling and what your 3 month goal is.

At the end of the call, if it makes sense we can have a conversation about working together.

All of my calls are online on Zoom or we can arrange a telephone call.

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