Visualisations and hypnosis for fertility and IVF

Beautiful and powerful tracks to support you through every step of your natural or treatment cycle

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Deeply Relax and Visualise

These MP3s have been written and recorded to allow you to experience deep relaxation, enhance your fertility and guide you to connect deeply with your body, your future child and your inner strength.

Hypnosis and visualisations can enhance fertility and support success by:

🌟 Guiding the body into a state of deep relaxation
🌟 Releasing fears and negative beliefs
🌟 Giving the unconscious mind a clear goal to work towards


“Naomi your hypnosis package has been amazing, it has brought me back to a calm and relaxed state every time I’ve gotten anxious, particularly through the 2 week wait. It’s had such a profound impact that I now generally feel calmer. I recommend it to anyone who is pursuing IVF, it’s one of the best investments I’ve made. We have been fortunate enough to have a successful second round of IVF and just wanted to thank you for your help.”

All my top MP3s in one powerful bundle

I've grouped all my top tracks so this digital bundle includes:

🍍Natural Cycle Hypnosis Package 
🍍Assisted Cycle Hypnosis Package (IVF/IUI/ICSI)
🍍Visualisations and Affirmations for Pregnancy
🍍Hypnosis for Pain Management

🍍The self soothers guidance video.

Worth £100 invest in yourself and your happiness for just £55.

Buy now £55


"My work colleagues commented on how laid-back I’ve been over the past few weeks, the usual stresses of work just don’t seem to bother me in the same way. My husband is also enjoying listening to the Coping and Comfort track and has been sleeping better as a result."

With a dedicated MP3 for each part of your cycle:


“I have just done the coping and comfort hypnosis and feel like I’m in a blissful cloud of calm. The explanation beforehand of the EFT were really helpful and I feel really good knowing that I can apply these in everyday situations when my stress levels begin to rise. I feel incredibly relaxed and grounded and am really looking forward to delving into more of the hypnosis.”

Hypnosis can double IVF success rate


Alongside calming your mind and body throughout your cycle and therefore reducing the levels of cortisol and adrenaline in your system utilising the mind-body link while trying to conceive has been shown to increase your chances of success.

A study at the Academic Fertility and IVF Unit, Soroka Medical Center to investigate whether hypnosis during embryo transfer contributes to successful IVF outcome found that 28% of women who were hypnotised during IVF transfer became pregnant, compared with 14% of those who were not. 

"This study suggests that the use of hypnosis during emybro transfer may significantly improve the IVF/ET cycle outcome in terms of increased implantation and clinical pregnancy rates. Furthermore, it seems that the patients' attitude to the treatment was more favourable." 

Link to study.

This study is the reason I created the "Welcome your Embryo Home" MP3 for you to listen to during your transfer. 


Visualisations and affirmations for pregnancy 

You can use these MP3s while you are trying to conceive and they are fantastic to listen to once you are pregnant as I have included a lot about trusting in your body and relaxing into the present moment.

I’ve paired affirmations with a 20 minute hypnosis and visualisation for pregnancy MP3 in which I guide you into relaxation and invite you to connect with your baby (future or present) and visualise yourself with a bump and then holding your baby for the first time.

I’ve also packed the MP3 with suggestions about allowing yourself to let go and trust that your body knows how to nourish and nurture your baby. I end the MP3 by guiding you to enter deep restorative sleep.


“I absolutely love this MP3 and imagining what it will feel like when I’m pregnant with my baby in my belly.”

Hypnosis for pain management

It might surprise you to learn that hypnosis can give complete relief from pain. This works due to the fact that pain is subjective. The body sends sensory messages to the brain via our nerves and spinal-cord. Our mind then processes that information and sends impulses back down from the brain with messages to amplify, diminished or ignore those physical sensations. Painkilling drugs intercept these messages and lessen our experience of the physical sensation. Hypnosis works in the same way by intercepting these messages and instructing our unconscious, the part of us which controls all of our bodily functions, to diminish or ignore them therefore giving us relief. This MP3 is fantastic for bringing relief from period pain, helping you deal with injections and egg collection recovery.


“Learning new techniques is very empowering. I especially enjoyed learning how to numb my hand simply through the power of my thoughts!!! The effect was incredible, you could see the nail marks in my hand from my pinch but I didn’t feel any pain!”

Hypnosis Bundle


£100 worth of MP3s

  • Natural Cycle Hypnosis Package 
  • Assisted Cycle Hypnosis Package (IVF/IUI/ICSI)
  • Visualisations and Affirmations for Pregnancy
  • Hypnosis for Pain Management
  • The self soothers acupressure video


“Okay so update, I am 7 days post transfer and 13 days post trigger shot. I couldn’t resist and tested 2 days ago which to my surprise came up as positive. I convinced myself that it was still the trigger and J told me to wait until today to test again. The test is a strong positive. I am in denial, but excited but cautious mixed with anxiety and hope. ”

Want to go deeper?

If you want support and group coaching during your cycle please do check out The Embrace Fertility Method which includes all of the above tracks as bonuses.


The Embrace Fertility Method