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Emotionally and energetically prepare for IVF - part 3

hypnotherapy ivf/iui/icsi Nov 05, 2023
Prepare for ivf part 2

Episode 112: The final installation of my three part series on how to emotionally and energetically prepare for IVF. As I’ve said in previous episodes this is also suitable for anyone who is trying to get pregnant without the help of fertility treatment.

Today I’m talking about how to align with pregnancy and parenthood and share the scientifically proven mind-body techniques to help you to do that.

I also share a fertility visualisation to guide you to imagine stepping into your future when you have your child. Please only listen to this part of the podcast when it is safe to do so. By listening you agreed to take full responsibility for your own well-being.

Do you let me know how it feels to visualise in this way. If you’d like to make fertility visualisation an ongoing part of your conception plan check out:

Visualisations and hypnosis for fertility and IVF

Deeply Relax and Visualise. These MP3s have been written and recorded to allow you to experience deep relaxation, enhance your fertility and guide you to connect deeply with your body, your future child and your inner strength. Hypnosis and visualisations can enhance fertility and support success by: 🌟 Guiding the body into a state of deep relaxation 🌟 Releasing fears and negative beliefs 🌟 Giving the unconscious mind a clear goal to work towards


All my top MP3s in one powerful bundle

I've grouped all my top tracks so this digital bundle includes: 🍍Natural Cycle Hypnosis Package  🍍Assisted Cycle Hypnosis Package (IVF/IUI/ICSI) 🍍Visualisations and Affirmations for Pregnancy 🍍Hypnosis for Pain Management

🍍The self soothers guidance video. Worth £100 invest in yourself and your happiness for just £55. If you’d like to step into a community of women who are consciously choosing to use the mind-body link to support their fertility journey come and join The Embrace Fertility Method which includes Embrace Circle membership.


The Embrace Fertility Method

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The Shift Package 1-1 coaching


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How to decide when to start or continue fertility treatment


You do not need to be perfect in order to get pregnant


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Free Masterclass

A deep dive into the science backed mind-body techniques to emotionally and energetically thrive while trying to conceive.

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