Hypnosis for pain relief

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Hypnosis for Pain Relief

My hypnosis for pain relief MP3 is perfect for any situation in which you want to reduce physical sensations or numb an area of the body in advance of tests, scans etc.

“Learning new techniques is very empowering. I especially enjoyed learning how to numb my hand simply through the power of my thoughts!!! The effect was incredible, you could see the nail marks in my hand from my pinch but I didn’t feel any pain!” – Amy

Pain is subjective

It might surprise you to learn that hypnosis can give complete relief from pain. This works due to the fact that pain is subjective. The body sends sensory messages to the brain via our nerves and spinal-cord. Our mind then processes that information and sends impulses back down from the brain with messages to amplify, diminish or ignore those physical sensations. Painkilling drugs intercept these messages and lessen our experience of the physical sensation. Hypnosis works in the same way by intercepting these messages and instructing our unconscious, the part of us which controls all of our bodily functions, to diminish or ignore them therefore giving us relief.

I wanted to do all I could to prepare

I first learnt about these techniques in the run-up to my second laparoscopy. I wanted to do all I could to prepare and so booked a session with my colleague Russell to work through my fears of having the operation and he taught me two of the techniques featured in the MP3. We decided to focus on a numbing my hand as I hate having the cannula put in and last time round found this more painful than the recovery from the operation. Russell guided me into relaxation, asked me to collect saliva on the tip of my tongue and imagine sending it to my hand while he made suggestions about my hand going numb.

I didn’t feel particularly relaxed and it wasn’t working, my hand still had full sensation, I was just about to inform Russell of this when I felt my nose and cheeks going numb. It then felt like my head shrank down to the size of a pear like in the film Beetlejuice! This surprised me as I had been really sceptical about the technique and just started laughing out loud. This is known as sensory distortion and is really fun to experiment with at the pub!

Four techniques

The four techniques I teach you within the MP3 are as follows. Each can be used on their own or in combination:

Deep relaxation: Our generally response to pain is to tense against it and the language we use can go something like this “I can’t cope with this, I want it to stop.” Our body goes into stress response and our body is flooded with cortisol and adrenaline heightening our perception of pain. By taking ourselves into deep relaxation we counteract the stress response and encourage our body to release endorphins, serotonin and dopamine our bodies natural tranquillisers.

Escudero: This is a bit with the saliva. When we experience pain and go into stress response our digestive systems shut down and our mouths go dry, by consciously choosing to fill your mouth with saliva you are sending the message to your mind and body that it is safe and can therefore relax. New scientist also reported that saliva yielded a natural painkiller which is up to six times more powerful than morphine. The substance, dubbed opiorphin, is still being researched but we can use it to our advantage right now.

Positive suggestion: Throughout the MP3 I will be making suggestions that the physical sensations you are experiencing can reduce, diminish and fadeaway and your comfort levels can increase. Our unconscious minds are always listening and simply by making positive suggestions about how we can interpret physical sensations can have a profound and surprising effect.

Visualisation: I suggest various visualisation techniques within the MP3 including sending the light to the area we are working with and the use of the sensation dials pictured. You imagine a dial and the level of physical sensation you’re currently experiencing and then we instruct your unconscious mind to simply turn down those sensations and turn up the amount of comfort you are experiencing.

hypnosis for pain management

Understanding why our body is sending us messages

I use these techniques whenever I am experiencing physical discomfort. The last time was when I had acute stomach ache. My immediate reaction was to tense against the pain and want to escape from it. At the start of the MP3 I ask you to tune in to your body and ask why you are experiencing pain. Pain is our body’s way of telling us we need to take action, be that to stop what we are doing in order to allow our body to heal or to make changes to our lifestyle or current activity. By understanding why our body is sending us messages we are more open to accepting those sensations and can then safely work with them. By taking the time to reflect on WHY I was experiencing pain rather than just wanting to blot out the pain by taking traditional painkillers I was able to work out what it was that I had eaten that did not agree with me.

I then followed the instructions in the MP3 and took my pain level down from an 8 in intensity to a 2. You might say this might just have been a coincidence but I woke up in the morning again with acute pain and again used the MP3 to soothe my stomach.

Hypnosis for pain management

This MP3 and the techniques I share can be used in any scenario and once you have listened to the MP3 numerous times you will be up to use the techniques either individually or in combination whenever you need.

Specific fertility related uses:
coping with period pain / endometriosis,
numbing a body area in advance of blood tests and internal scans,
recovery following IVF egg collection or a laparoscopy,
pregnancy aches and pains,
childbirth, recovery and breastfeeding (I recently taught a friend how to numb her nipples!)

Your well-being

This MP3 has been written to give you the tools to manage any negative physical sensations you may be experiencing. Please note that by purchasing this MP3 you agree to take full responsibility for your own well-being and to seek advice from a medical professional if you are at all unsure of why you are experiencing pain and/or to resolve the source of the pain.

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