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Three reasons not to work with a fertility coach in 2024

best fertility service feel better now Dec 29, 2023
Three reasons not to work with a fertility coach in 2024

Episode 116: Have a listen and see how this resonates.

The reasons in short: 1 - You wouldn’t benefit from being supported by someone as you already feel resilient, in control and have a strong plan in place for supporting both your physical fertility and mental health in 2024.

2. - You could put together your own mind-body fertility course from free content on YouTube. There are so many amazing coaches sharing high-quality information on YouTube today so it would be completely feasible for you to sit down and cherry pick videos that could create an outline. However the content is endless and knowing what to watch when in what order and then having the accountability of actually practising is what makes doing a course so empowering.

3. - You have a strong support network of friends and family who completely understand how you feel and know just what to say to make you feel better. You are lucky enough to have friends who are going through this at the moment you are experiencing very similar struggles to yourself and not only that, they have decided to put their own well-being and mental health at the forefront of their priorities so are tuned in with the mind-body techniques that could help you most at this time. 

Listen to episode for more details and sign up to class here:


I'm Naomi Woolfson, of Embrace Fertility, a therapist specialising in supporting women emotionally and energetically through trying to conceive, fertility treatments and then pregnancy and birth following infertility. My partner and I went through almost 4 years of infertility, IUI’s, IVF, anxiety, surgery and a miscarriage before we went on to conceive both of our ginger children naturally! Alongside supporting clients globally in one to one therapy and coaching sessions I run a 12 week mind-body programme guiding women through the 5 steps of my unique Embrace Fertility Method; Comfort, Coping, Connection, Clearing and finally Creating. I also offer specialist pregnancy support and run a hypnobirthing course Embrace Bump to Baby. Visit ‚Ā†‚Ā†‚Ā†‚Ā† for more details on what I do and follow me on Instagram ‚Ā†‚Ā†@embracefertility‚Ā†‚Ā†

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