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EFT Tapping to overcome fear of IVF needles

eft tapping ivf/iui/icsi May 07, 2024
EFT Tapping to overcome fear of IVF needles


Fear of IVF needles was a biggy for me and EFT tapping helped tremendously. 

"The needles video was so helpful thank you. Before tapping I felt so anxious, scared and worried about them, wondering how on earth I was going cope with daily injections. After the video I felt much calmer and ready to take them on. I loved all the tips throughout the video too. I made sure I had a little treat after each one and handled them like a pro - I’m feeling so proud of myself for this!" - Poppy

You can learn how to do this technique here: EFT Tapping for Coping with Infertility and Enhancing Fertility and then come back to watch this video.

The video above includes tapping statements such as:

“Even though I have a fear of needles I accept myself anyway.”

“Even though it is not fair that I have to do injections in order to get pregnant, I accept myself anyway.”

“Even though I absolutely hate injections, I deeply and completely love and accept myself.”

If you are interested in learning more about using EFT then come and join The Embrace Fertility Method  which includes full library of tap along EFT videos.

One to one support to overcome a needle phobia

I you have a needle phobia and would like to discuss having one to one to overcome a needle phobia pease contact me

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