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Inflammation as a primary source of fertility challenges with expert Jaclyn Downs

diet endometriosis interviews with experts ivf/iui/icsi pcos Sep 23, 2023
Inflammation as a primary source of fertility challenges

You have probably heard of inflammation how does inflammation impact our fertility? In today’s fertility expert interview with Jaclyn Downs a Functional Nutrigenomics Consultant we will be discussing just that. 



Root causes of inflammation

We discuss common, but lesser-known root causes of inflammation that affect fertility and egg health.

What functional genomics is and how it can provide clarity on root causes and which protocols would be most effective (and why other protocols may not have worked).

Epigenetics, mold/mycotoxins, histamine, poor fatty acid utilization, iron dysregulation, addressing stress, antioxidants and detoxification pathways.

How Genetic Testing Solves 'Unexplained' Infertility

Free Cheat Sheet, How Genetic Testing Solves 'Unexplained' Infertility:

Enhancing Fertility through Functional Medicine: Using Nutrigenomics to Solve ‘Unexplained’ Infertility

Available for pre-sale May 3, 2023. Available for sale March 15th, 2023

Jaclyn's book, Enhancing Fertility through Functional Medicine: Using Nutrigenomics to Solve ‘Unexplained’ Infertility is now available!

While it is tailored to the subject of fertility, the book addresses root causes of inflammation and oxidative stress, which is the foundation of all chronic conditions. This book is written for the layperson and as a handbook for the practitioner.

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Fertility optimisation and reproductive wellness

Jaclyn Downs is a Functional Nutrigenomics Consultant that has a passion for fertility optimization and reproductive wellness. She is the author of the book, Enhancing Fertility through Functional Medicine: Using Nutrigenomics to Solve 'Unexplained' Infertility, published by Taylor & Francis. This book discusses common, but lesser-known primary sources of fertility challenges. Chapter topics include oxalates, mold toxicity, iron dysregulation, phase 2 liver detox pathways, and covers the genetics related to these topics.

Through the use of functional lab testing, detailed case history, symptoms, genomics, environmental and epigenetic influences, she works with practitioners and clients to give them insight and tools to better determine root causes of imbalance. Each protocol is individualised based on these factors, ensuring higher success rates.

Jaclyn has a Bachelor of Science degree in psychology from Drexel University and a master’s degree in holistic nutrition. In addition to having certifications as a health coach, doula, and yoga instructor, she holds a certification in genetic nutrition with the NutriGenetic Research Institute, where she is also a researcher.

Connect with Jaclyn

Jaclyn can be contacted through her website, You can contact her at [email protected] and follow her on Instagram @FunctionalFertilitySolutions


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