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Energetic blocks, Reiki and healing while trying to conceive and following miscarriage

Nov 18, 2020

Fertility Expert Interview Series

Every week for the next month I will be bringing you fantastic interviews with fertility experts.
This week is Jenni June and we are talking about healing after loss:

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In this interview

Jenni's words: "I first discovered Reiki healing after my 2nd Ectopic Pregnancy. I was in the depths of my pain after losing a very wanted pregnancy and losing my last fallopian tube. Not knowing where to turn, I found a Reiki healer and was curious to try anything to help me move forward in my grief. What I was surprised by is how much that one decision changed my life… I walked out of my appointment with feeling like the heavy brick that I had settled on my chest after loss, lifted! I could take a full breath in for the very first time in a long time! 

What is Reiki?

Reiki is the life energy that flows through all living things. It heals by flowing through the body’s energy field (aura) and charging it with positive energy. What’s so special is that energy has no physical boundaries, so while we are all stuck in our homes, you can receive a healing treatment from anywhere in the world!"

Energetic/ancestor Blocks

We are all energy and our bodies hold onto stress and trauma is many different ways. I often see in my clients that their chakra centers are energetic blocked. In one particular case, it was blocked by ancestor trauma or trauma from a past life. Reiki healing works to break up the blocked chakras and clear them with positive energy that helps you move beyond- to heal and to live with a radical love for yourself again!   

Benefits of Reiki after loss or through Infertility:

  • Cleanse, balance and strengthen the energy body: clearing blocked or stagnant energy, restoring the normal flow of energy and reinforcing the body’s innate ability to heal itself.
  • Focus on the Sacral Chakra, the energy point just below the belly button that governs the reproductive organs.
  • Help you step off the stress rollercoaster and return to a place of mental and emotional peace while trying to conceive.
  • Release the negative energy of past events and emotional trauma that may be a barrier to conception.
  • Deeply relax the mind and body to let go of the stress and anxiety of trying to get pregnant.
  • Replace your doubts and fears with positivity and love for your amazing body.

All about Jenni

Jenni June is a Pregnancy Loss & Infertility Coach, a Reiki Practitioner and a Meditation Instructor. She supports those who have experienced an invisible loss- the loss of a pregnancy or the dream of having a child either through miscarriage or infertility. Guiding her community through all stages of the healing journey, she holds loving space for them to discover whole body healing, learn how to release fear & anxiety through mindfulness and the help of Reiki. When working with Jenni, her clients experience high levels of confidence, inspiration, growth and move into the next stage of life with a fierce love for themselves and a connection to their body after loss.

Connect with Jenni

Instagram: @XOJenniJune

Facebook: XO Jenni June Coaching



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