The private grief of infertility and pregnancy loss

feel better now grief Sep 25, 2022
The private grief of infertility and pregnancy loss

Recorded the day before the Queen‘s funeral here in the United Kingdom I thought it was the perfect time to talk about grief and loss.

Even if you do not feel connected to the Royal family in any way you will have been impacted by the Queen‘s death even if it’s just because you can’t go to your usual supermarket because everything is closed for the bank holiday!

A very public and shared grief

However many people are experiencing a very public and shared grief. Many are choosing to celebrate the Queen‘s life by visiting Buckingham Palace or Windsor Castle and laying flowers and thousands have queued to pay their respects and walk past the Queen's coffin.

Surprised by the grief she felt

One of my clients was surprised by the grief she felt at hearing the news of the Queen‘s death but I reminded her that whenever we hear of death it reminds us of our own immortality and also of the loss that we ourselves have experienced.

No space for in our society

Infertility and pregnancy loss on the other hand is a very private grief and one that we generally don’t have space for in our society.

In this woodland walk episode I talk about ways in which you may be triggered by current events and how to connect with and work through your own personal grief, be that in regards to Infertility and pregnancy loss or any other grief.

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