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Can stress stop you from getting pregnant and cause infertility?

stress Dec 05, 2020

Infertility and Stress

We all know infertility is stressful but can stress stop you from getting pregnant? Two years into trying to conceive, after our first treatment cycle fail I was suffering from

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Insomnia
  • IBS and
  • Panic attacks.

I knew that the stress was caused by the fact I was unable to get pregnant but was this stress now impacting my ability to conceive and adding to my infertility?

Determined to find out I started researching the link between stress and infertility. What I discovered was fascinating.

The truth about stress and fertility.

In this 20 minute except from my workshop 'Fertility and Your Mind the Science' I share:

  • Why, once you decide to start trying to conceive, it feels like you are constantly surrounded by pregnant women and babies. PS this is due to your Reticular Activating System!
  • How the stress, anxiety and depression levels in women undergoing infertility treatment is the same as women who have cancer, HIV or heart disease.
  • The truth behind the impact of stress on your fertility.
  • The worrying reality of trying to stay positive and forcing yourself to relax that can actually backfire and lead to chronic anxiety and depression!
  • Why we have negative emotions for a reason.
  • How thoughts create a physical reaction in the body. Ps This page happens to have a rather crude sketch of an erect penis to quite literally illustrate my point!
  • An explanation on how before a feeling there is always a thought.
  • And how our mind is like a massive library storing all of our past experiences and the beliefs we made in that moment that shape our decision-making and lives today.
  • How the body naturally resets itself to rest, digest, heal and reproduce but chronic stress can leave you living in freeze, flight or fight.
  • The trying to conceive stress cycle and how it can be so damaging to your fertility.
  • The missing piece of the fertility puzzle.

Can stress stop you from getting pregnant and cause infertility?

Youtube video above. You can also listen on the Embrace Fertility Podcast. Search for 'Embrace Fertility' on your fave podcast player and subscribe for weekly love notes or listen below:

For more about the studies mentioned in this video/podcast, more info on the question 'Can stress stop you from getting pregnant and cause infertility?' and to learn how to break the cycle then go to The Embrace Fertility Method.


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