The power of therapy while coping with infertility or pregnancy loss.

best fertility service fertility therapist hypnotherapy mind-body technique Nov 26, 2023
The power of THERAPY while coping with infertility or pregnancy loss.

Episode 114: Walking and talking about the power of working with a therapist during this time in your life and the things you should expect from the person supporting you.

I then describe AMDR the trauma release technique I use. Here is some feedback that inspired this episode:

"The AMDR sessions just keep blowing my mind every time I experience one. I have tried lots of different mind shift techniques before like Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) which is powerful but AMDR is like Superman defeating Lex Luthor in one go!!! I can not express enough how powerful this technique is. Every time I have something that pops up which takes me back to a past experience/memory and I'm overly emotional about it or have experienced an emotional situation in the present where I wouldn't normally be, I reach out to the amazing Naomi for an AMDR session so I can move through it quicker than I would normally using EFT. If anybody is on the fence about an AMDR just give it a go, you have nothing to loose and you definitely will not regret it!"- Crystal

Let’s talk:

Would you like to discuss working together? Complete the interest form below and I’ll be in touch in the next 48 hours.

We’ll get crystal clear on what you are struggling with at the moment, how you would prefer to be feeling and what your 3 month goal is.

If you feel the Shift Package may be right for we can jump on a video call to discuss. At the end of the call, if it makes sense we can have a conversation about working together.

“Even though we only spoke for half an hour I found it hugely beneficial. It was also lovely to have a proper chat and feel your passion and energy live and for real!” – Heather


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