Mens experiences with IVF and Miscarriage

male factor infertility partners Jun 18, 2023
Mens experiences with IVF and Miscarriage interview

On this Father's Day we are back with another fertility expert interview this time discussing: 

Mens experiences with IVF and Miscarriage

with Daniel Landau founder of Men's Help Line, we talk about: 

  • Do's and don'ts during IVF or Miscarriage
  • How woman can support their husbands
  • Tips for everyone
  • Why Daniel started men's helpline
  • How men can get support

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Daniel Landau

I am the founder of a nonprofit organization called Men's Helpline which provides all emotional support to men who struggle through miscarriage and infertility. I have BA from Queens College in Political science and a Masters degree in Nonprofit Management and Leadership from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. I currently live in Israel with my wife and 2 children. I love sports and enjoy music. I play the Saxophone, Piano, and Sing. I'm a volunteer EMT, love to be social and really enjoy food and travel.

Mens experiences with IVF and Miscarriage Support

Surviving the Holidays 

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