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The Embrace Bump to Baby Course

First Week Free
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Steph 5*/5*

"Hey Naomi I wanted to let you know that Imogen  was born yesterday morning at 4:52 am weighing 7.5 pounds. Due to your techniques I had a drug free birth not even gas and air and labour totalled 4.5 hours!! We were then home within 12 hours! You are a superstar. I don’t know why people wouldn’t do hypnobirthing!! Thank you so much xxx."

Would you like to feel empowered, calm and confident during your pregnancy and birth?


The Embrace Bump to Baby Course

The pregnancy and birth course with a difference:

  • Overcome birth anxiety
  • Learn how to numb body parts
  • Superhero birth partner training
  • Acupressure and massage techniques
  • 5 powerful hypnosis tracks.

Carve out some time each week for you to connect to your body, baby and partner.

A blend of hypnobirthing, mindfulness, practical preparation and having a chuckle during pregnancy. This 4 week course educates and inspires, allowing you to work with your body, baby and birthing team to experience an empowered and calm birth.

First Week Free

First time visiting Embrace Bump to Baby?

I created the Early Pregnancy Support Pack to support you right from the very start of your pregnancy and now my Embrace Bump to Baby confident pregnancy and birth course is alive and kicking.

The Embrace Bump to Baby course replaces anxiety and fear of birth with education and inspiration. 

What is hypnobirthing?

Hypnobirthing is a rather fancy name to describe a combination of techniques that will allow you to birth your baby with confidence ‚Äď no matter how or where¬†you birth. Hypnosis is a state that we all go in and out of many times a day, any time you are completely focused on one thing you are in a trance state. Practising taking your body into a deeply relaxed and focused state during your pregnancy will allow you to recreate this on the day of your baby‚Äôs birth.

A woman’s body is designed to give birth and part of the natural process of birth involves her body releasing endorphins and oxytocin our natural painkillers. Anxiety and stress during labour can halt this process so this course will support you in clearing any fears or doubts and teach you how to enhance these feel good hormones when your baby is on his or her way.

Olivera 5*/5*

"It was great, a 9/10 in terms of being a positive experience. The only thing I would change is the fact I thought I would be quieter but it felt right to make really deep noises during contractions. Leigh and I felt so bonded to each other and our baby it really felt like we did it together."

Week One - Let's Get Started

  • The benefits and evidence of hypnobirthing in reducing labour time, pain and medical intervention
  • The 5:1 positive to negative Ratio
  • Relax and release¬†breathing exercise
  • Your goals and intentions for the course
  • Begin work to clear any concerns or previous negative birth experiences
  • Hypnosis MP3:¬†Daily chill out for mums and dads-to-be
  • BONUS¬†VIDEO:¬†Active birth positions.

Week 2 ‚Äď Your body working perfectly

  • The stages of labour
  • The power of language
  • A letter to my midwife
  • Hypnosis MP3s: ‚ÄėEmbracing birth‚Äô and ‚ÄėAffirmations for pregnancy and birth‚Äô

Week 3 ‚Äď Your birth plan, prep &¬†partner

  • Your birth preferences
  • Transform¬†your partner into a superhero¬†birth partner
  • Your birth bubble - Create a nest and up that¬†oxytocin
  • Hypnosis MP3s:¬†‚ÄėBirth partners preparation‚Äô
  • Additional video:¬†Soft touch massage and counter pressure techniques

Week 4 ‚Äď You can do this

  • Birth Breathing
  • Pain management techniques
  • What if things don‚Äôt go according to plan?
  • Hypnosis MP3s: 'Pain management' and 'Let it be'

Steph 5*/5*


"I was nervous before starting the course. I didn't know what to expect from hypnobirthing and I thought it might be a bit airy fairy. Now I'm feeling excited and cannot wait to meet my little girl. I don't know why someone would not want to do this course as it is informative and to the point. 

I really enjoyed the relaxation techniques and found the EFT we did as part of the course really powerful so I booked a one-to-one session with Naomi to work on an issue that has been a phobia for most of my life. The session was brilliant and really connected with what I needed. It was emotionally draining but I'm really proud of facing this now so I don't pass my fear on to Imogen." 


Chris 5*/5*

"I wanted to learn how I could support Steph and with the relaxation and massage techniques I feel I now have a direct way in which I can do this. I'm now enthusiastic about a positive labour experience. Naomi's approach is good as she takes into account scepticism and embraces dealing with the negativity rather than ignoring it."

Bonus Content

Alongside the 4¬†weeks of pre-recorded video classes ‚Äď Value ¬£600

and the 5 x powerful Hypnosis MP3s ¬†‚Äď Value ¬£60

You will receive 7 fantastic bonuses.

Mindfulness for pregnancy and parenthood¬†‚ÄstValue¬†¬£40

  • I share mindfulness techniques that I feel are invaluable during pregnancy and parenthood to allow you to feel less stressed and more connected to your baby. Includes ‚ÄėThe first few weeks of parenthood ‚Äď Tips and resources.‚Äô Includes breastfeeding and attachment parenting resources.
  • MP3s: ‚Äė5 min mindfulness‚Äô, ‚ÄėThoughts meditation‚Äô and ‚ÄėBody scan‚Äô.

Deep Rest Supercharge Your Sleep Yoga Nidra MP3¬†‚Äď Value¬†¬£12

  • Nourish your mind and body with deep rest and replenishing sleep with this magical MP3.

Emotional freedom technique tutorial video and workbook¬†‚ÄstValue ¬£20

  • EFT tapping does exactly what it says on the tin, it gives you emotional freedom from your worries and is also a fantastic pain management technique.
  • Video:¬†Tutorial video which includes how the technique works and how to use it to relieve anxiety.

Coping and comfort hypnosis MP3 and Video¬†‚ÄstValue ¬£12

  • Incorporates simple acupressure techniques that you can use on a daily basis to bring your body out of stress and into rest and relaxation. Many clients say that listening to this MP3 on a regular basis has improved their sleep, allowed them to feel calmer and less stressed no matter what is going on in the lives and has¬†given them a sense of well-being.
  • Hypnosis MP3: ‚ÄėCoping and Comfort‚Äô.
  • Video:¬†Acupressure techniques.

Gentle C-Sections ‚ÄstValue ¬£15

  • Hypnobirthing can still be beneficial for¬†cesarean births.¬†The majority of the course if aimed at natural¬†childbirth/ This bonus includes lots of information and resources for if¬†you need to switch your birth plan.

Embrace Bump to Baby online hub - Value Priceless

  • Membership to The Embrace Bump to Baby online community.
  • Membership to the More Mojo for Mums community.
  • Ask¬†Naomi¬†questions about the course, connect with other like-minded members and access birth, breastfeeding and parenting resources.

Discount on one to one sessions with Naomi¬†‚Äď Value¬†¬£100

  • I am a¬†trauma trained therapist with over a decades experience. I offer a discount on my my three session pregnancy care package¬†for anyone taking the Embrace Bump to Baby course. Read more about that here.¬†
Buy course now £225

Tom 5*/5*

"I have gone from feeling slightly anxious and unprepared for our daughter‚Äôs birth to much more confident. The course fits what we were looking for; a positive approach to birth and becoming parents. It has helped me to feel even closer to my partner, we‚Äôre a team. I‚Äôm enjoying practising to help prepare and the pain relief technique amazed me as did watching the success of the ‚Äėridiculous‚Äô tapping technique. The course is full of good content and has genuinely left us looking forward to the birth and meeting our baby."¬†

How this course is different

Learning how to be mindful, that is completely connected to the present moment, is a fantastic tool not just for birth but as a new parent. We will practice mindfulness techniques and I've included a bonuses on bringing mindfulness to pregnancy and parenthood. 

I talk you through the physical stages of labour, share videos and MP3s packed full of tools and tips on how to best prepare for your baby's birth. Week 3 includes how your partner can become a superhero birth partner.

I also teach pain management techniques. Most courses will not use the word pain and many hypnobirthing mums report that although their labours were intense they did not experience any pain. (I am now one of those mums, my son’s birth was hard work but I birthed drug and pain-free and actually enjoyed myself as I felt amazed by what my body was achieving.)

Therefore you might prefer to refer to these as sensation control techniques and may not even need them. However having these tricks up your sleeve throughout pregnancy and childbirth can only be a good thing, plus they are a really fun thing to practice with your partner! 

Amy 5*/5*

‚ÄúLearning new techniques is very empowering. I especially enjoyed learning how to numb my hand simply through the power of my thoughts!!! The effect was incredible, you could see the nail marks in my hand from my pinch but I didn‚Äôt feel any pain!‚Ä̬†

The benefits of an online course


Do you love the idea of learning how to best prepare both physically and emotionally for labour and birth? Would you like to be able to do that from the comfort of your own home at a time that suits you perfectly?

Take The Embrace Bump to Baby course and fit the lessons around your lifestyle and schedule. The course includes 15 videos, 10 MP3s and 6 ebooks with a suggested practice timetable outlined.

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Frequently asked questions

Birth with confidence

  • 4¬†weeks pre-recorded video classes with¬†Naomi ‚Äď Value: ¬£600
  • 5 x powerful Hypnosis MP3s ¬†‚Äď Value: ¬£60
  • Mindfulness for pregnancy and parenthood¬†including 3 mindfulness MP3s - Value ¬£40
  • Deep Rest Supercharge Your Sleep Yoga Nidra MP3¬†‚Äď Value ¬£12
  • Emotional freedom technique tutorial video and workbook¬†‚Äď Value ¬£20
  • Coping and comfort hypnosis MP3 and Video¬†‚Äď Value¬†¬£12
  • Gentle C-Sections ‚Äď Value ¬£15
  • Embrace Bump to Baby online hub - Value Priceless
  • Discount on one to one sessions with a trauma trained therapist with over a decades experience. - Value ¬£100


Buy course now £225