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Care Package

Specialist Pregnancy Care

As a trauma trained therapist with over a decades experience I can offer personalised sessions to support you with any issue.
If you are looking for fertility support see my main coaching page here.
I have worked individually with pregnant clients to resolve anxiety, give relief from morning sickness, overcome phobias of childbirth and hospitals and help women prepare for a caesarean section.
I see the majority of my clients on Zoom and can usually schedule an emergency last-minute session for example if you find out you need to be induced and want some support in preparing.
I am trained in AMDR Applied Movement Deconsolidation and Reconsolidation, Confident Childbirth, Cognitive hypnotherapy which integrates cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), evolutionary and positive psychology, emotional freedom techniques (EFT), hypnosis and neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) to create a fast and effective way of creating lasting change. I also bring in mindfulness and coaching if appropriate.
Each session will be specifically tailored to you. Sessions last 90 minutes. The Pregnancy Care Package is suitable at any stage of your pregnancy from 4 weeks to 40, but ideally commence before 32 weeks pregnant to maximise the support I can provide.
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“I had just found out that I was pregnant and was feeling very anxious about miscarrying as I had with my last pregnancy. I was also worried about possible morning sickness symptoms. I decided to book a session with Naomi as I had really enjoyed the Embrace course and particularly enjoyed Naomi’s weekly videos. She has a lovely natural style, like you are chatting to your best friend. I also like the humour she brings to an often upsetting situation. Booking a personal session felt like a good thing to do to help me cope. I found the session really relaxed and informal, but I felt like I got a lot out of it. The guided hypnosis was really good, I love how Naomi included my husband and family into the visualisation. It made it all more real to me and to have this as a personal MP3 to use again afterwards is wonderful. I love it. Following the session I feel more relaxed about the pregnancy and feel like I can get excited even though things could still possibly go wrong. I felt and still feel like I will be able to cope whatever happens. I would definitely recommend a pregnancy support session to others and would look to do another session. Maybe nearer the end of my pregnancy, to cope with the anxiety of impending labour and motherhood.” 

Pregnancy Care package


to include

  • 3 x 90 minute private therapy sessions 
  • 6 weeks voice note support on Telegram
  • £100 discount on The Embrace Bump to Baby Course
  • Recordings of your sessions for you to download
  • Personalised MP3 recordings of techniques done in session
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"I am already trained many healing modalities and have worked on my previous birth trauma myself, however, being pregnant again, I knew I needed to dive deeper as there was still significant fear and apprehension there under the surface.

I met Naomi at a wellbeing festival and knew I needed to do more work. Although it took me a long time to get round of it due to obvious resistance, the first session was definitely worth it.

Knowing Naomi works specifically with birth trauma, I felt safe and heard during the session. She guided me gently and there were huge releases, tears and realisations.

She also went above and beyond sending me resources to help my 8 year old who is suffering from sleep regression and I love the extra support on Telegram.

It was hard, but I'm glad I allowed myself to go there and committed to the session. I am looking forward to the next one already feeling way more calm and confident. Thank you Naomi."


"I lost my last baby and birthing her at 20 weeks was traumatic and I couldn't imagine birthing this baby alive.

Naomi helped release a lot of trauma and fear in our first session and I feel more calm about everything. I went to the hospital today for an appointment and normally I have a raised pulse in that environment as I have a phobia of hospitals but I didn’t at all today.

I found her knowledge on birth and encouragement very good and she really managed to get to the place I needed to get to things that needed to come out."


"I booked a birth preparation session alongside doing the Embrace Bump to Baby course to prepare me for birth of our baby. Due to medical reasons I am unable to have a vaginal birth and I felt angry and sad that this choice has been taken away from me.

Naomi was great in validating my feelings and supporting me in ways that I can process these feelings.

We explored my birth plan and what I can do throughout this pregnancy to prepare myself for the birth of our little baby.

Before my session I felt I couldn’t get my thoughts away from how I can’t have a vaginal birth. This has now eased, yes there are still moments where I feel sad and angry but it’s not as strong and I feel excited to meet our baby.

I feel in a much better headspace and confident going forward."

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We’ll get crystal clear on what you are struggling with at the moment, how you would prefer to be feeling and what your 3 month goal is.

If you feel the Pregnancy Care Package may be right for we can jump on a free video call to discuss. 

At the end of the call, if it makes sense we can have a conversation about working together.
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