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Hypnosis for Pain Relief

This MP3 is perfect for any situation in which you want to reduce physical sensations or numb an area of the body. 

The body sends sensory messages to the brain via our nerves and spinal-cord. Painkilling drugs intercept these messages and lessen our experience of the physical sensation.

Hypnosis works in the same way by intercepting these messages and instructing our unconscious, the part of us which controls all of our bodily functions, to diminish or ignore them therefore giving us relief.

This MP3 is included in The Embrace Fertility Method course, The Embrace Bundle and Embrace Bump to Baby Hypnobirth Course. 

What People Are Saying:

“Learning new techniques is very empowering. I especially enjoyed learning how to numb my hand simply through the power of my thoughts!!! The effect was incredible, you could see the nail marks in my hand from my pinch but I didn’t feel any pain!”